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Engeldrum Bluff

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Engeldrum Bluff is a common green area overlooking the Narrows and Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. Space is frequently used to hold ceremonies, community events, private parties and to enjoy views of New York City. The Bluff is surrounded by the Community Club, kiosk, basketball court, and a gated playground. 

Engeldrum Bluff is named in honor of Staff Sgt. Christian Engeldrum, a fallen Soldier of the 69th Infantry Regiment New York Army National Guard.

Bluff Rentals

Engeldrum Bluff Rental

 Item Fee Quantity
Bluff or Field $485 1
4ft long Charcoal Gril w/ Fire Extinguisher (Charcoal is not included) $95 Ea.
10x10ft Tent $65 Ea.
6ft Table $25 Ea.
Chairs $4 Ea.

Bounce House  (With attendant - Includes electrical usage)

$425 (4 hrs) $50 each additional  

Dunk Tank (With attendant - Includes water usage)

$300 (4 hrs) $50 each additional  
Cornhole (set - 2 boards) $50 Ea.
Volleyball or Badminton Set $25 Ea.
Tug of War $10  
Potato Sac Race $10  
Basketball $5 Ea.
Setup / Manning Fee $100  
Refundable Deposit CHECK ONLY  made out to IMWRF $300  


* The Deposit is to account for damages, breach of contract, or a failure to clean that should occur and does not count toward your final payment. All equipment checked up drop off. 

FY24 - CAC Bluff & Field Rental Agreement

Engeldrum Bluff (Gazebo Area Only NTE 30 Guest)

For more information please contact ODR Office at 718.630.4772 or 718.630.2053 or hit the "Email Us" button on this page and leave your message.




  • Bluff/ Field Rental Agreement and Deposit are due 3 business days AFTER a Verbal reservation or it will be removed from the calendar. Final payment is due 3 weeks BEFORE set rental date. A Guest List is due 2 weeks BEFORE set rental date.
  • Guest lists must include names of all attendees 18+, be typed and alphabetized by last name, example: Appleseed, Johnny Doe, John. (Please see sample HERE). 
  • All guest 18+ attending must have a "Real ID" compliant ID for access to the installation. Non-DOD ID card holders/First responder sponsors may undergo NCIC background check.
  • Sponsor/Host must provide copy of ID with gate list.
  • Cancellations made 14 days prior to rental will receive rental refund.
  • Deposit will be forfeited for ALL cancellations.
  • Renters using outside entertainment companies for rentals (ie: tents, bounce houses, water slides, etc.) will assume responsibility for any and all damages that may occur. Renter must acquire NCIC forms from the Rental Company for all staff they will be sending to Fort Hamilton. Rentals of this nature are NOT permitted on Taylor Field.
  • * Gazebo area only gatherings are limited to 4 hrs and cannot exceed 30 guest. *
  • Port-o-johns are cleaned and emptied once per week and as needed per COVID guidance/regulations.
  • Military Units:

  • There will be no bluff/field facility rental fee for any Change of Commands. All
    Change of Command/Official Ceremonies requiring additional rentals, i.e. tents, chairs, grills, are subject to fee.
  • All Units requesting the Bluff/Field for Family Day functions, require a written request from the unit Commander.
  • Military units are required to police call the bluff after usage. Those units who fail to clean the bluff after usage will be banned from usage for 5 years, and Commander will be notified.
  • All units requesting usage of rental items will be required to pay for all rental items.
  • A $300 charge will be billed to the unit Commander for any and all damage done during unit usage of bluff to include failure to clean or clear trash from bluff.
Rules & Regulations
  • All garbage and recycling must be properly disposed of in green cans, and cans must be returned to can area. Under no circumstance should anything be poured into the storm drain.
  • No littering.
  • No driving on the grass for any reason.
  • No leaving unattended personal belongings.
  • No loud music: music must be played at a reasonable volume, and speakers pointed away from housing (Please see Music Agreement for further information).
  • No use of the playground.
  • No access past bldg. 221 wooden fence line/no trespassing sign.
  • No use of garrison electrical without prior approval.
  • All dogs/pets must be on a leash of no more than 6 ft.
  • All animal waste must be picked up and disposed of.
  • BBQ ash must be disposed of properly in metal container marked *ASH CAN*.
  • BBQ grill must be cleaned with wire BBQ brush.
  • Fire Extinguishers must be present and readily available when using BBQ grills.
  • Event will not exceed 8 hours.
  • Agree to abide by ALL local state and federal policies in relation to COVID-19 protocols and guidances. (Guidelines may change at anytime).
  • Bluff may be booked by 1 or more parties at the discretion of FMWR.
  • All parties must depart by 1900hrs.


  • Alcoholic beverages are authorized under the following guidelines, failure to comply possible forfeiture the deposit, police will be contacted, permanent ban from using bluff/field:

  • No liquor of any kind.
  • Beer and wine only.
  • No kegs.
  • No glass bottles- beer must be form a can, wine must be from a box or plastic.
  • No intoxicated personnel allowed.
  • No person under the legal age of 21 will be allowed to serve, posses, or consume alcoholic beverages.
  • Must fill out alcohol agreement.


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Intramural Flag Football League

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