6 Week Fitness Challenge

6 Week Fitness Challenge

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The 6 week fitness challenge will begin March 18, 2019 

- Anyone interested in the weight loss challenge must register their initial weight and body fat measurements with the Fitness Center by March 18, 2019: 0600-1215.
- Participants are encouraged to participate in group classes or work with the Fitness Program Specialist to develop a safe and effective fat loss program. Group classes offered include the following:
    - Functional Strength
    - Cycle and Core
    - Tai Chi
    - Zumba
    - Yoga
    - Wellbeats

Group results from last challenge:

Body fat loss: 18.5%

Weight loss: 31.8 lbs
- Any questions regarding the weight loss challenge can be directed to the Fitness Program Specialist via email or call (718)630-4793.