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Register for the SHSAT and LaGuardia High School auditions

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Beginning today, December 21, you can register your child to test and/or audition for admission to the Specialized High Schools < Caution- > !

Eight Testing Specialized High Schools. Apply to any/all of these schools by registering for, then taking the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT).

*             Step 1. Register by January 15, 2021 to take the SHSAT. Log in to your MySchools < Caution- >  account and click “Get Started”. Then click the “SHSAT” tab. Here, list any/all of these schools in your true preference order, starting with your top choice as #1. After taking the SHSAT, your child will be considered for admission to the Specialized High Schools you list on this page, in the order listed. Submit your registration for the test.

*             Step 2. Take the SHSAT. Testing will begin on January 27. 8th grade public school students will take the SHSAT at their current school. Other students will take the SHSAT at DOE locations. These locations, along with all test dates, will be shared in the coming weeks.

One Audition Specialized High School. Apply to any/all of the programs at LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and the Performing Arts by registering to audition, then submitting audition materials. Please note that the SHSAT is not used for admission to LaGuardia.

*             Step 1. Register to audition by the week of February 22, 2021. Log in to your MySchools < Caution- >  account and click "Get Started.” Then click the “LaGuardia” tab. Here, indicate which programs your child wants to audition for. There are six programs at LaGuardia High School, and students can audition for just one program, all six, or anything in between. Submit your registration to audition.

*             Step 2. Submit your audition by the week of March 1. All high school auditions this year—including for LaGuardia High School—will take place virtually.

*             Applicants will submit audition files through a new Virtual Audition Submission Tool. This tool is not yet open; we will notify schools and families when you can access it.

*             Updated requirements for audition programs are available on our High School Auditions page < Caution- > ; these will be posted in the MySchools directory  < Caution- > in the coming weeks.

Need help? Want to learn more?

*             For a copy of your child’s Welcome Letter, access to MySchools, or any questions, contact your child’s current school counselor or a Family Welcome Center < Caution- > --learn how at

*             Visit < Caution- >  for details and updates, and to watch our Specialized High Schools videos.

*             Learn more about high school admissions at < Caution- > ; please note that the high school application will open the week of January 18.

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Public School Family and Student Information Sessions

CYS Service Registration

Eligibility Criteria for CYS Programs is contingent on the status of the sponsor and is verified at registration. 

Eligible patrons include:

  • Active duty military personnel 
  • DoD civilian employees paid from either appropriated funds (APF) or non-appropriated funds (NAF)
  • Reserve Component military personnel on active duty or inactive duty training status
  • Combat-related Wounded Warriors
  • Surviving spouses of Military Members who died from a combat-related incident
  • Those acting in lieu of parents for the dependent child of an otherwise eligible patron
  • Eligible employees of DoD contractors
  • Others authorized on a space available basis

Registering your child in CYS

WebTrac provides links to services for eligible patrons. To access required CYS forms visit  Webtrac online services.  

Registration Checklist

Required forms for registering in Child Care (CDC/FCC/SAC) include:

(Forms are only available in person at CYS or Parent Central Services).

  • Application for Department of Defense Child Care Fees, DD 2652 (not applicable to hourly care)
  • USDA Form
  • CYS Health Screening Tool, DA 7625-1, Tool 1 or DA 7725
  • Child Health Assessment (complete Parts A, B & C or Part A + school physical) Due within 30 days of registration
  • Family Care Plan for single/dual military only. Due within 30 days of registration

Required forms for registering in Kids on Site include:

  • CYS Health Screening Tool, DA 7625-1, Tool 1 or DA 7725
  • Child Health Assessment (complete Parts A, B & C or Part A + school physical) Due within 30 days of registration
  • First time users, current immunization record only (0-5 and those school age not enrolled in public school)

Required forms for registering in MS/Teen include:

  • CYS Registration Form
  • Application for Department of Defense Child Care Fees, DD 2652, (if utilizing Before/School or Summer Camp)
  • CYS Health Screening Tool, DA 7625-1, Tool 1 or DA 7725, (complete only if physician documented special needs)

 Required forms for registering in SKIESUnlimited include:

  • CYS Health Screening Tool, DA 7625-1, Tool 1 or DA 7725

 Required forms for registering in SPORTS include:

  • CYS Health Screening Tool, DA 7625-1, Tool 1 or Da 7725
  • Health Assessment/Sports Physical (complete Parts A, B & C). Due before participation in all sports activities

Medical Action Plan (MAP): 

Only needed if a child is diagnosed with allergies, diabetes, asthma/respiratory, or seizures that may require staff to administer rescue medications. This also includes conditions recommended by MIAT.

Parent Orientation:

Parent Central Services schedules appointments to acquaint parents with their child’s program. These sessions are an important part of the enrollment process and are offered at times convenient to parents. Orientation highlights include:

  • Facility tour
  • Orientation of our programs and spaces
  • Review of rules of conduct and procedures
  • Opportunity to meet staff, care providers and key volunteers
  • Complete required forms
  • Parent participation

Deployment Support Services:

Deployment Support Services are established for eligible Army Service Members (e.g., deployed Soldiers, dependents of Army Fallen Warriors, Army Wounded Warriors assigned to a Wounded Warrior Unit, etc.).

Childcare Cost:

Childcare cost is based on Total Family Income (TFI). TFI is defined as all earned income including wages, salaries, tips, special duty pay (flight pay), Active Duty demo pay, sea pay), Active Duty save pay, long-term disability benefits, voluntary salary deferrals, retirement or other pension income including SSI paid to the spouse and VA benefits paid to the surviving spouse before deductions for taxes.

 Parent fees are determined during the registration process prior to enrollment in a regularly scheduled Child Development Center (CDC), Family Child Care Home (FCC), School Age Care (SAC) or Middle School & Teen (MS/T) program and annually thereafter. All fees are subsidized.   

Payment Options:

CYS offers an online pre-registration service through WebTrac. Parent Central Services will help you get started by assigning your initial username and password. When you sign in for the first time, you will be asked to personalize your account. You’ll then have access to all of our online services which include bill payment, tax forms, receipts, class sign-ups and other conveniences. Payments for childcare can also be made at any CYS Child Development Center, School Age Center, and Parent Central Services.

Babysitter Referral Service

The Babysitting Basics training course will teach teens and adults the responsibilities and qualities of being a good babysitter and what to expect from the parent who hires you. You will also learn how to:

  • Interview for a babysitting job
  • Make responsible decisions
  • Supervise children
  • Adjust your actions based on the age of the child
  • Keep children and yourself safe in the house and outside
  • Choose safe and age-appropriate toys and games
  • Handle an emergency or illness
  • Perform CPR & first aid, including responding effectively to life-threatening emergencies
  • Perform basic care routines, like diapering, feeding, and dressing infants and children
  • Handle bedtime issues effectively
  • Market yourself safely
  • The Babysitting Basics course also provides training for real life:
  • Essential professional, leadership, and care-giving skills
  • Safety skills to prevent emergencies
  • How to manage real-life problems, including emergencies
  • Tips on finding babysitting jobs

Babysitting Basics is also excellent training for young people ages 13 years old who find themselves home alone or with younger siblings at the end of the school day.

Parent & Outreach Services

For more information click HERE.

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